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The BAFTA Nominations 2016

Posted by keith1942 on January 10, 2016

BAFTA award

The Award season is upon us. And quickly out the starting blocks is the Ceremony of Awards by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. On past years’ performances the BAFTA members, rather like the Hollywood Academy, appear to watch a fairly narrow selection of films. Hence their choices reflect on only a part of the films released in the UK. Some of these have yet to get a general release so I am not familiar with all the titles.

However there are several glaring omissions among the nominations. 45 Years is sidelined in a category titled Outstanding British Film. I am uncertain what function of this category serves. Just to make one comparison. Among the five nominees in the Best Film category is Carol. I would reckon that this is a fine movie, but not any better than 45 Years. Moreover, I think the British film has greater complexity.

It gets worse. Neither Tom Courtney nor Charlotte Rampling enjoy nominations in the Best Actress or Best Actor category. Clearly the Jury at the Berlin Film Festival possessed greater discrimination than their British counterparts.

Tom Courtney has, in the past won a Film and a TV BAFTA and has also received three other nominations. However Charlotte Rampling appears to have never received a nomination at the BAFTAs, though she has been nominated for 45 Years in the British Independent Film Awards. I think Charlotte Rampling is the most striking and challenging actress working in current English-language [and French-language] cinema. Perhaps that is the very reason that the BAFTA members do not seem to appreciate her.

45 Years has suffered in other ways. It failed to get a nomination in the Best Adapted Screenplay category. There we find Carol, which is in some ways of equal quality, and also Brooklyn and Steve Jobs, which are definitely not of the same quality.

Postscript: it seems that the members of the Hollywood Academy do have a more critical gaze than those of the BAFTA; Charlotte Rampling has been nominated in the Best actress category for 45 Years.

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  1. […] garnered nomination for Best Actress at both the Golden Globes and the BAFTAs, [though to be honest Charlotte Rampling’s in 45 Years is finer]. Smith characterisation in the film is a crowd pleasing and vastly entertaining act. It is […]


    The BAFTA Nominations 2016 « Talking Pictures

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