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Study Day: The Cinematic Family

The Cinematic Family

Guppy’s. Nunnery Lane. York

10.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. Saturday June 1st

The family has been a central subject in the films of Koreeda Hirokazu since 2004. His films have explored the relationships between parents and children and between sibling repeatedly. His most recent films offers the most radical portrait of a family. This would be an interesting subject to discuss – how cinema represents the family.

YouTube have the trailer for this films and several other titles directed by Koreeda. The parallels and changes over a series of films provide an interesting area for discussion.

The day will start by looking at the main title and continue later with a discussion of some of his earlier films.

Some of the students have viewed and discussed earlier films but this session will be self-contained. Having seen some of Koreeda’s earlier films will help but is not essential.

We will have a lunch break around 1.p.m. There are convenient diners/cafes nearby.

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